Version 1.1 Now Released!

Version 1.1. of Malboro: the Descent is now out! Saves should still be compatible, but please let me know if they are not.

Changes in this version:

  • The fire puzzle in the third dungeon works properly now
  • Fixed some grammar and spelling errors
  • The armors now actually have descriptions (the poor things)
  • The Hitman's Hat accessory can actually be equipped
  • Miscellaneous other bugs squashed

Please let me know in the comments for this devlog if there's any issues with the new version.

Also, thank you everyone in general for your support! It genuinely warms my heart seeing the positive response to this little project of mine. Sorry to shill a bit, but if you've enjoyed the game please tell a friend about it. Word of mouth means the world to indie projects like this.

Thank you all so much and enjoy the descent!

Files 237 MB
Jul 21, 2020 367 MB
Jul 21, 2020 278 MB
Jul 21, 2020
Malboro-Android-1.1.apk 145 MB
Jul 21, 2020

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